Member Service Terms  


All products and services(hereinafter referred to as "the Service") provided by OP Mount Instrument Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "OP Mount") are subject to these terms (hereinafter referred to as "the Terms"). The Service includes products, websites, website activities, softwares, applications and information owned by OP Mount. You are deemed to have read and understood all the rights, obligations, conditions and agreements contained in these Terms and Conditions and have consented to accept this Agreement when you register to become a member of OP Mount or start using the Service.

A. Member Information

01. Before using the Service, you must provide correct personal information and register as a member without paying any fees. To protect your rights, please be sure to update your personal information when there's any changes. You will be deemed to have received the notice of member benefits, discoounts, also the change or termination of membership, even you didn't receive any notice due to the outdated personal information.

02. If a member is a minor under the age of twenty, the parent (or guardian) of the member should read, understand and agree to all the contents of this agreement and the subsequent modification and alteration.

03. Privacy Statement: The personal data of members is protected and regulated by the privacy policy of OP Mount.

04. In order to use the Service, Members should agree to the following: 

•  A customer shall provide correct and latest personal information in accordance with the registration form, and shall not register in a name of a third party. Each member can only log into only one account, and multiple registration is not allowed.

  Please maintain and update the member personal information timely for the best services.

  If a member provides any false or inaccurate information, fails to give information in accordance with the instructions, or if the necessary information is not available, or a multiple registration has been discovered, OP Mount has the right to suspend or terminate the member's account without advanced notices.

B. Change Service Content 

Members shall agree that OP Mount may at any time to adjust, change, modify or terminate the service and the terms after announced by OP Mount without separate notices.

The rights and oligations arisen from the Service are subject to the latest revision of these terms.

C. Personal Information Protection Notice and Consent
In order to provide the best service for our members and protect their personal information, we hereby inform you of the following matters in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act:

(a) The purposes, catagories, periods, regions, objects, and methods of the collection of data.

In order to provide members with information on the discounts, products, services, activities and the latest announcements, and effectively manage the member information. OP Mount may be provide all or part of your personal information to the cooperation vendors.

Example: When members are using the Service for online purchase, OP Mount will complete the delivery by cooperating with other delivery companies Therefore, when members complete the online transaction, they agree and authorize OP Mount to provide the personal information (such as the recipient's name, delivery address, telephone ...) to the delivery company.

(b) Notice :

You agree to use the electronic document as a form of written consent. If you do not agree to provide personal information, or request to delete or stop the collection, you understand that OP Mount may not be able to conduct network membership verification and related operations, or provide you with complete network services.

(c) Account Security : 

1. Upon the completion of the registration process, members will receive a specific password and account number. Maintaining the confidentiality of the password and account number is a member's responsibility. Whether or not the log in information is entered by the member himself/herself, it will be presumed the account is being using by the member. The member shall be fully responsible for all actions taken with the password and account number.

2. Members shall agree with the following:

• If the passwords or accounts have been embezzled, members shall contact OP Mount immediately.

• The member's account number, password and membership benefits are for member's personal use and enjoyment only, they shall not be lent or transferred to others.

• If any damages are caused by account number and password being misappropriated or used improperly, and there's no evidence to prove the damages are rooted from OP Mount, OP Mout will not be responsible for this.

• If OP Mount knows that the account and password is indeed impersonated by others, OP Mount will immediately suspend the use of the account(including the processing trasactions).

• Accessing the Service by the account and password will be considered by OP Mount that the registered account represents the member himself/herself. Members shall properly set, maintain, and keep their own accounts and passwords.

If a member leaks out his/her personal information, password or payment information, and lead to a third person have the opportunity to use the account, the member must bear full responsibility for the behavior of the third person. OP Mount may at any time suspend or terminate the account from logging in and using the Service.