• Platform Size: Φ80mm / Φ100mm

• Central Aperture: Φ40mm / Φ50.8mm

• Driver: 100TPI adjustment screw

• Quick Adjustment: 360°

• Fine Adjustment: ±4°

• Subscale Graduation: 0.1 degrees

• Eccentricity: ±25um

2D drawing


  • Continuous 360° coarse rotation, ±4° fine adjustment.

  • Precise adjustments within a 10-degree range.

  • The platform features a central aperture of Φ40mm/Φ50.8mm, allowing the passage of light suitable for use in polarized optics and image adjustments.

  • The top platform plate can be manually rotated, offering quick and straightforward operation. Adjacent 100TPI adjustment screws provide high-precision movement and rotation control, with a resolution of up to 0.1 degrees.

  • The precision ball bearing structure has a high capacity for reducing friction, making it suitable for small control movements.

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central aperture of Φ40mm / 360° Rotation / Adjustment Screw Drive

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central aperture of Φ50.8mm / 360° Rotation / Adjustment Screw Drive

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